10 good reasons to choose ECOSAFE

1. 1st Swiss supplier:

ECOSAFE is the first Swiss supplier of safety products that offers the widest range of products, from storage (with our safety storage cabinets) to the usage of chemicals (with our ductless fume hoods).
For many years, we have tried to improve our quality, products we offer and to follow the direct development line respecting:

  • Manufacture and certification with the strictest existing norms on the market,
  • Control and price cutting that allow to propose competitive price list,
  • A know-how that maintains our production in Western Europe.

2. Growing company in a growing market:

ECOSAFE is the Swiss leader of safety cabinets for chemicals. This is a growing market, which supports the development of the company year by year. This growth allows ECOSAFE to develop new equipment according to the highest standards and the current legislation while offering innovative products.

3. Vocation:

ECOSAFE vocation is to offer high-quality equipment, which improves the security of the end-users in their work environments.

4. Complete range with respect to the standards:

ECOSAFE equipments allow safe storage and manipulation of chemicals. The safety cabinets allow safe storage of chemicals by providing containment sumps and locking systems. Ductless fume hoods allow manipulating chemicals without emanations of toxic vapors in the room. Finally, safety showers and eye-washers allow preventing the end-users from any unintended contact with chemicals and to clean themselves while waiting for the rescue intervention.
ECOSAFE equipments are compliant to the strictest standards in our core field:

  • EN 14470-1 for the fire-resistant safety cabinets
  • NF X 15-211 – version 2009 for the ductless fume hoods
  • EN 15154-1 et EN 15154-2 for the safety showers and eye-washers

5. Customized solutions:

ECOSAFE is a versatile company that can fulfill the customers’ needs with the ability
to customize their products if needed.

6. Permanent technical and sales assistance:

ECOSAFE’s area sales managers are reachable by phone and by email for any question you may have. They are trained on the entire ranges of equipments and are disposed to answer any question about it ; including the after-sales service.

7. The innovation:

ECOSAFE constantly innovates, by developing new products based on the industry needs.

8. Young, dynamic and localized team:

ECOSAFE supports the growth of young professionals by nurturing and allowing them to gain international exposure since the commencement of their career. ECOSAFE believes in developing local talents that are aware of the local business culture/ethic that will breed mutual benefit between the employee and the employer.

9. The customer satisfaction:

ECOSAFE first concern is to satisfy its customers. Even if we sell our equipments through a distribution network, we make a point of providing the equipments appropriate for their needs, as to ensure their protection on their workplaces.

10. A large warehouse:

ECOSAFE works with a large warehouse located in France, to meet the short-terms deliveries. This warehouse has a 3000 m² storage capacity, to store the vast majority of our equipment.


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